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Cars and cannery - Egret Tours Marina


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All done and up on Nexus
GavMan's Egret Roadhouse August City Plan Contest Entry

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Original Post:
Salvage the vehicles so we can distribute the cans.

Sorry, no crazy concepts this month.
Although it's going to be big once again

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Didn't want to overload the first post with pics so here are a few more20210808041951_1.jpg


I've had a go at a water wheel, (red and white thingy on the right here) Used a stack of wind turbines (which seem to be always synchronized) to get a little motion.

Most plots are placed for level 3 of the city plan, needs further work in adding "stuff" about the place.

Currently working on the player home in its own save before I will import it into the main save. Its off the settlement build zone, and I will probably add the layout for it as a separate optional file so if you like it you can add it to your own settlement or other city plan...

20210809044609_1.jpgThe bits and pieces in the background are just there for me to use as I build it, everything needs to be first placed inside the build area before I take it out do the player home
Progress on the player home
a few fences to the side, and some leafy trees added to the existing dead (immovable) trees

Will put something outside when I get an idea what to put out there

The small greenhouse area which has the Chem Station (the pic is from on top of it)

The Sole Survivor needs to keep tabs on the other settlements and the rest of the Commonwealth
More Player home stuff,

Stairs up to bedroom

Bedroom and Desk
More player home stuff...
Finished the side - Still need to do the front lower section

Showing the mezzanine style layout

The Living area

And the Companions...?
Aw, love the companions :) I always enjoy finding teddy bears in various arrangements around the commonwealth.:heart
I know I am close to getting a section done when I add power and lights, a few more little tiny touch ups then its back to the main settlement dragging this along to work on completing Level 3. (then its deconstructing to make L2 down)

Night time and lights make it so much easier to see through windows