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Question Captives broken-ish


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I'm doing the main conqueror questline, got up to the part with ophelia needing a gunner slave. up til now i haven't bothered with capturing non settlements slaves, but capturing an enemy out in the field led me to an annoying discovery.

The gunnner I pacified and enslaved is still marked as hostile. Red health bar and all.

He's been put in the captive faction, and is rank 0 in the gunners faction. I had to also turn my personal squad onto "do not engage" mode so they didn't keep killing him(had to go back in time, change the settings, and then savescum til i got him slaved again).

Gave him to ophelia and she just kept saying her next line("ok now comes the fun part", or something like that).
I waited IRL for a few minutes, then she continued on with her quest(finishing her lines then heading to the next mission marker(south of Gunner checkpoint)). the gunner was still "hostile" when they left.

At the next part of the mission( I fast travelled to jamaica plains then walked to the mission marker), the gunner is now not hostile(no red health bar, squad don't care about him), the gunner also has a 6th faction now(18009CCA, rank0. wasn't there when he left outpost). If the nearby bears are dead, the scene plays out like it should(gunny walks to friends and blows up, ophelia has some dialogue, explosive collars info box pops up, quest ends)

also, semi related bug, taking out the nearby yao guai was essential to making ophelia not just leave mid quest and leave gunny standing around forever.


Further testing reveals it has most likely has something to do with how initimidated enemies reaggro after player holsters their weapons
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