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Can't see solider roles


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So I set up my war table, got my first recruit for the Children of Atom (liberators), and I cannot see or assign any roles. I only see 'Talk' (which leads to trade) or 'Track items'. I dont see anything indicating that he is a warrior. This is in Sanctuary. I recruited Preston's gang, and they are all in settlement now too, and same thing, talk or Track items only. So all my folks are stuck (by looking at icons in bottom menu) as warriors. Is this a bug or am I not understanding something?

Your hud says they are all Civilians, not warriors. I'm guessing that you're using a different CoA add-on to me as I don't recognise converts. I'm guessing this is a vassal that you're in and that Converts are a faction specific recruit-able civilian (Preston and Gang will also always be civilians). Warriors are recruited at outposts via the war planner's desk.
@NDCowdy is correct, Children of Atom Converts are not recruits in Atom's Glory (the liberator CoA) faction pack, and they aren't civilians either. We haven't added any way to recruit civilians into Atom's Glory, you only get recruits through the War Planner Desk donations or through the small quests. Civilians are meant to work your farms and shops in vassals, giving your army resources.

The recruits in Mr Needles CoA (Conqueror type) faction pack are called Children of Atom Converts though, in case you have this also and have let Sanctuary prebuild with that faction as an option when starting up your character.

In Atom's Glory there are Children of Atom Converts, but they are only used as defenders in prebuilt Atom's Glory controlled cities, will never be part of your faction, and they have Atom themed Cage and Spike Armor.

In general, if you plan to lead Atom's Glory it's best to not let any Child of Atom faction prebuild cities, since the progress and unlocks of Atom's Glory are based on how many settlements that are in the CoA's control. If you plan to lead any other faction and use CoA to spice up your world, letting them prebuild is fine.
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So my faction report says that Sanctuary is Atom's Glory (Liberators)

I have the Children of Atom Conqueror faction installed also, but I did not allow them to prebuild (i removed them and the CoA liberator factions from my lists). I went in and built a war desk in Red Rocket and also claimed it as an outpost for Atom's Glory (Liberators), not the other CoA faction. It said Sanctuary was still my main base, and that Red Rocket was now an outpost. I went back to Sanctuary and made Red Rocket my main base, so it now shows Sanctuary as an outpost (not a vassal), and Red Rocket my main base. So my question is that since my first base was an outpost/main base, why did it recruit a civilian? And how did it recruit someone who it should not be able to recruit (different faction/not available)

Some added details. I claimed Sanctuary before it had any inhabitants (so it didnt default to vassal). I then recruited one person by waiting 24 hours with a beacon. This person is apparently a civilian, not a warrior, don't know why. I did not donate any resources, but the recruitment beacon should still allow me a chance each day for a warrior right? So why would it then recruit a civilian to my main base/outpost?

Bigger question, why does it say track items (see image above)? Even with civilians, I should still have the option to make them a guard right? I dont see that dialogue option anywhere. I checked my mods and can't find anything that would change dialogue options. I used to have quick trade installed (which I guess could cause this) but I uninstalled the mod and started over. I also ensured that I have the Nuka Cola patch (which I guess could mess with dialogue too?). I then re-installed the conquer and patch and still don't have any different dialogue options like KK has in his videos.
Ok so more updates. Started recruiting all over again in Red Rocket. I now see 2 CoA neophyte warriors, good! But it also added on CoA Convert (from other faction i guess?). I can now see the roles (not track items) on the warrior. But the civilian still does not have a role option in the dialogue. I am wondering if just completely uninstalling the other CoA faction might fix this?
Civilians can not be given roles. If you want a recruit that can be given roles you need to recruit them via the warplanners desk with donations. Anyone you recruit via the vanilla beacons will be a civilian, although you shouldn't be able to do that in an outpost or vassal, they should only recruit in a vanilla controlled settlement. There is no defaulting to being a vassal, you will need to raid to create a vassal, so that may be where things got confused for you.
Hm, generally you shouldn't uninstall mods during a play through since the game will have saved records from the mod you uninstall into your save (only purely texture/mesh replacers are safe to uninstall). You could try, before you uninstall make a save that you can go back to in case things go bad.

But it does seem like having also the CoA (Conqueror) faction pack is messing things up, even though it shouldn't. Both packs have the same "base" faction record - the vanilla Children of Atom, in order to take advantage of any other diversity mods the player may have that affects the CoA, but SS Conqueror is set to work from the faction record we (the mod authors) define. We haven't really tested having both CoA packs installed at the same time, though, so I think this might be an unforeseen quirk. Good to know in case someone else has the same issue!

EDIT: There is actually a very low chance for a beacon in an outpost to send a recruit. But if it's from Atom's Glory, that recruit will be named "Atom's Glory Neophyte" - same as the recruits from the War Planner Desk. I wonder if somehow script lag caused the beacon to queue up a civilian that was picked from MrNeedles' pack instead of sending a recruit? Odd, either way.