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Solved Can't Get Started with Raider Quest Line


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[SOLVED] I was running an old version of f4se. I updated my f4se version, reinstalled Conquer, and started a new game and it worked.

It's been a while since I played and I recently came back. When I came back I had updates for a few mods (including Sim Settlements 1, and its various addons that I have).

When I updated all the mods it killed my original save (which is fine, I don't remember what I was doing anyways). However now, on a brand new save I can't seem to get started with the raider quest line. I have alternate start, but chose to go with he vanilla start and when I get to Concord Jammer isn't on the roof. I went into the museum of freedom and ran the holotape and he still wasn't there either.

When I run the holotape and I select soldier tracking it tells me that conquer expansion is not found.

Do I need to do something to trigger him?

Sim Settlements > 4.2.9b
Sim Settlements: Rise of the Commonwealth > 4.2.0
Conquer> 4.2.9a
Sim Settlements: Industrial Revolution > 4.2.3
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