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Can't build after ROTC SS2 plan - LongFellow's Cabin


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Hey all,

Unlocked Longfellow's Cabin per the quest, first one in Far Harbour, went over, placed an SS2 table and built the ROTC SS2 city plan. LongFellow is set as city leader. All seemed to work fine (minus powering up as I have it set in the options). Every since I have not been able to build anything via the workshop, simply does not open. I can select "E" on the workshop itself, but then it times out after 5 seconds because it says I'm outside the buildable area. The desk is right beside the actual settlement workshop table .. Seems for some reason the ROTC SS2 city plan removes the buildable area? The only thing I can do is transfer things into the work shop...

Any ideas? No issues at any Commonwealth settlements using either SS2 or ROTC SS2 city plans.

Using most current WSFW and SS2 from Nexus, load order as per wiki.

EDIT*** Rebuilt the city using the normal SS2 city plan, same issue.

Unlocked Dalton's Farm and it behaves as normal.

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