Question Bug with the Backroad Butchery and Mechanized Makeover quests

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    Bug with the Backroad Butchery quest where Ophelia wants you to track down a special super mutant. Reading the Scout Mission note doesn't register with the quest and talking to Ophelia does nothing at all.

    Rolling back a save fixed it. Now I'm seeing a problem with the Raucous Reconnoitering mission. Jammer and Ophelia have explored all around the outskirts of Diamond City and appear to have started walking back to HQ. The problem is that Ophelia went back to HQ, but Jammer is off wandering near Sanctuary. HQ is at Sunshine Tidings. The quest isn't progressing and I am unable to interact with either of them. This bug used to happen to Jammer after first setting up an HQ when the mod was much newer, I remember once the little bastard wandered all the way to Far Harbor when I was level 10.
    I'm not sure where he's going this time, but I think it's safe to say it's a glitch.
    After chasing him down, it seems he's decided to settle at the Concord playground where we would originally speak to him. Quest is still bugged out, neither npc can be interacted with.
    Rolling back the save fixed That part, now there's yet another problem. The Medical Library Module from the Mechanized Makeover quest isn't there.
    The marker is there, but the actual item is not. I'm wondering if it's because I had the Silver Shroud quest to save Kent in the same building that I hadn't finished yet. This isn't one that I can just roll back and hope it fixes itself.

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    I found 2 medical modules on a defeated miss nanny, in the room where you attempt to save Kent. I hadn't started that part of the silver shroud questline yet though.

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