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Broaching Subject - Don't kill the messenger!


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I know everyone gets excited about people's work and in making add-on's.

Part of any business cycle - that no one wants/likes to talk about - is closing.

What I am suggesting, that with the advancement of SS versions, expansion of conqueror, and just simply time, Fallout 4 updates, etc...

Perhaps with the above, and with some addon packs not being worked on for awhile, and SS can only be "backwards compatible" for only so long...

Perhaps we need to start gathering info on … plots of old... problematic ones... and start a filtering process.

Or a @pra type small mod that does checks of add-ons and "bans" them.

I think this would resolve some of the problems in the forums.

2 pennies - no more till tomorrow! :)



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If I recall correctly, a few plots that were abandoned were rolled into SS proper. There are some farming plots that were once in an addon that are now part of the main mod. There's the ever awesome Mutefruit plot that grants +10 happiness that I always build at least 1 of.

And some residential plots (the Chainlink houses spring to mind).

It's hard to know when something is abandoned. It's also rude to just roll someone else's work into a different mod. For those that are truly abandoned, I like the idea of somehow noting that on the forums, but not sure how to communicate that on Nexsus.
Someone from these forums could leave a note on the Nexus under posts? That's not likely to be read by many though.



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I think its a difficult one to call. Would it be right to say that many of the older add on's are now incorporated into the Mega Packs and therefore don't need supporting anymore. (Mainly). (But saying that, the mod is probably finished, and good to go. (Barring issues that may have occurred during the inclusion process to the MY pack)).

However, if an older add on is not in a MY pack, and it has issues, and a user (or many users) has /have posted comments or bug reports etc, and the author either doesn't reply after a set period (say 2 months), then consider this mod for the "ban list". Or more simply, suggest the user removes it, as it aint going to get fixed.

The other problems I suppose, is people may still visit this forum / site, asking for help etc regarding an older add on, but if the author is not active here, again, it will go unresolved.

Comes back to what @Rudy says "It's hard to know when something is abandoned"

@MrCJohn , do you know of any specific ones that are problematic and no longer supported? Not trying to put you on the spot here in any way, just curious really.