BOS Paladin Heavy Auto Play-though Mod Mix.

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    Again. Sorry for not posting information on upcoming new plots. I am getting around to it soon I promise. In the meantime here is a BOS playthough modlist that I have put a few too many hours of research into. :)

    Base: BRB's modlist ->

    Character Build - A BOS Build based on a couple of different Fudgemuppet builds. I can share if anyone is interested.

    Noteable Mods:

    B-35C Heavy Brotherhood of Steel armor - Its BOS combat armour thats not PA. Its over powered and you get it early but it definately puts you in the mood. :)

    BoS Pilot Uniform - A nice take on the uniform.

    The Wasteland Codex - Interactive Lore Database voiced by The Storyteller - How did I not find this earlier! So awesome having the story teller fill you in on the background story to game elements as you go through the game.

    Backpacks of the Commonwealth - As a BOS initiate you are going to be humping gear all over the commonwealth.

    Explosive Conversion - A new mod that lets you convert mines into grenades and vice versa! I never use mines so having an immersive way to convert them into something usefull is great!

    Faction Themed Wall Decorations - Give the walls some good BOS propaganda.

    Paintings Give Happiness - Because art should inspire.

    Improved Boston Airport 2.0 - Beef up security at the Airport.

    Vertibird Landing Pads - Charlie Delta Tango you are cleared for approach on Sanctuary Landing Pad Alpha!

    Fallout 3 - NV Feral Ghouls Replacer - Makes the ghouls look allot scarier IMHO.

    SKK Combat Stalkers (hostile spawns) - A must have for combat orientated play through.

    Pack Attack NPC Edition - Gangs With Group Combat Tactics - Also mandatory now! :)

    SKK Fast BOS (ArcJet triggers Prydwen) - Get things happening sooner.

    SKK Settlement Attack System - Can you say Vertibird Attacks!

    Improved BoS - I went with the Redux version of this mod which overhauls the BOS faction and is more compatible with other mods than the original version.

    Brotherhood of Steel Kit - A nice texture upgrade on all the BOS related gear.

    BOS Vertibird - Ad Victoriam Edition Brothers and Sisters!

    2K HD PBR - Power Fist Retexture - For cracking super mutant skulls in style!

    Advanced Recruitment Beacon - Because I am time poor and want to set and forget how many settlers show up. Fuylly SS compatible.

    Raze My Settlement - @Whisper is a genius and made it so i don't have to manually scrap Sanctuary EVER again! :)

    Power Armour Section. (Hmm where to start.....)

    Lore-Based Power Armor Changes (LBPAC) - Makes PA harder to come by and immersively adjusts the balance of the PA mods.

    Consistent Power Armor Overhaul (CPAO) - Fixes all the annoying inconsistencies across the different models.

    Power Armor Materials AND Paints (PAMAP) - Separates the paints from the materials.

    Worsin's Immersive Power Armor Garage (WIPAG) 2.5 - Have been meaning to try this for ages and Worsin has made it super compatible with other mods so can wait to try out the 424 handcrafted paint jobs!

    Enclave X-02 Power Armor - Surely its lying around in the commonwealth somewhere.

    Hellfire X-03 Power Armor and BOS X-03 Power Armor - Heavy Flamer BOS style!

    T-49 - Armor of the Storyteller - This one just looks cool and goes well with wasteland codex!


    Operation Manhattan - New York BoS Quest - Add some more BOS story line to the playthrough.

    David Hunter - A Brotherhood Story - A nice detailed BOS character quest.

    The Danse Dilemma (pka Face Maxson etc.) - More options when dealing with Danse's identity.

    Minutemen Takeover - Nuka World - The latest version lets you bring you BOS buddies in to take down the NW Raider Gangs.

    Sector Five - Rise and Fall - I have been meaning to try this one out for a while now.

    Spare Railroad When Playing As Brotherhood - More flexibility when dealing with the railroad.

    The Code - Another interesting quest mod to try out.

    Other -

    BoS Vertibird DLC Locations - Lets you call VB's in DLCs. :)

    Vertibird Pchela - Your own personal combat Vertibird. Need I say more.


    Focus is On Automatic and Heavy Weapons.

    Noteable Weapon Mods

    10mm SMG

    Combat Rifle Overhaul - @RayBo 's excellent suggestion.

    DOOMBASED Weapons Merged (Weapon Pack) - Good selection of modern autos.

    Minigun Suite

    Mk 41 Gyrojet Heavy Machine Gun - Yeah Baby.

    Skibadaa Weapon Pack REDUX - For when you absolutely positively have to shred every living thing in the near vicinity using ridiculous amounts of high energy ballistic weaponry.
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    Don't forget Gatling Laser Ammo Fix by IDEK.

    If you want a bit more graphic violence in the wasteland - your laser weapons can turn your opponents to charred skeletons instead of a pile of ash/goo: CROSS Crit Gore-verhaul
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    Need your FINAL load order. I start with BRB as well... just would like to see what needs to be for it to work.

  4. Sirlach

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    After loading it up and play testing it for a 10+ hours I found a few thing broke-ded and so I had to load up Fo4Edit and see what was going on under the hood.

    I decided to remove the following as they made too many changes or caused conflicts with mods that I really wanted to be in this build.

    Better Locational Damage - When I was looking through the conflict in FO4Edit I saw how many different systems BLD touches and it was conflicting with allot of mods from this play through and I didn't have the energy to go through all the weapons and patch them in so I am removing it to see how I go because this build is basically fun with Automatic Weapons. Between the SKK and Pack Attack Mods I will have enough on my hand combat wise.
    Explosive Conversion - It's vanished from Nexus! :O
    Improved Boston Airport 2.0 - Found Better Boston Airport and thought that was more appropriate.
    Brotherhood of Steel Kit - My other texture packs / mods covered BOS gear already so this was a bit redundant.
    Worsin's Immersive Power Armor Garage (WIPAG) 2.5 - I think its either PAMAP or Worsins if you want PA paints so I went with PAMAP for this playthrough as PAMAP has lots of compatibility patches.

    @MrCJohn 's request below is my hopefully final Load Order.

    # Automatically generated by Vortex
    *Unofficial Fallout 4 Patch.esp
    *Realistic Roads - Fade.esp
    *NMC Bundle HIGH.esp
    *Far Harbor Pine branches 4K.esp
    *Gritty Subway Stations.esp
    *Merged Fixes.esp
    *CartographersMapMarkers Commonwealth.esp
    *CartographersMapMarkers NukaWorld.esp
    *CartographersMapMarkers FarHarbor.esp
    *Flicker Fixer.esp
    *LooksMenu Customization Compendium.esp
    *RAW INPUT.esp
    *Armorsmith Extended.esp
    *Realistic Death Physics - ALL DLC.esp
    *VIS-G Legendary Modifications.esp
    *VIS-G Item Sorting.esp
    *VIS-G Item Sorting Vanilla Weight Patch.esp
    *Loot Detector.esp
    *Immersive HUD.esp
    *Schnips - Immersive HUD - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *LOST UF04P AWKCR VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Schnips - Loot Detector - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Backpacks of the Commonwealth.esp
    *Consistent Power Armor Overhaul.esp
    *Tactical Flashlights.esp
    *Tactical Flashlights - Settings.esp
    *Laurent's Robot Skins.esp
    *JLS Minigun Suite.esp
    *BoS Pilot Uniform.esp
    *Heavy BoS.esp
    *Backpack Of The Commonwealth VIS-G.esp
    *LBPAC X03 Patch.esp
    *CPAO - PAMAP 2.0 Patch.esp
    *Schnips - EnclaveX02 - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *LBPAC X02 Patch.esp
    *LBPAC AWKCR CPAO Patch.esp
    *LBPAC T49 Patch.esp
    *Schnips - Mercenary - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Schnips - Binoculars - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *UP-VISG_10mm SMG.esp
    *LOST Service Rifle Patch.esp
    *LOST Tactical Flashlights Patch.esp
    *BP AE patch - CROSS_IES X6-88.esp
    *CROSS_CourserStrigidae AE.esp
    *LOST MK Gyrojet Patch.esp
    *HTR Doombased Weapon Merged AWKCR VIS-G patch.esp
    *Schnips - K9TacticalHarness - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Schnips - LBPAC - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *HTR Skibadaa weapon AWKCR VIS-G patch.esp
    *RRTV_RobotModelKits VIS-G.esp
    *Schnips - Raider Overhaul - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Raider Overhaul - AE Patch.esp
    *Schnips - CROSS_InstituteExpeditionarySuit - AWKCR, VIS-G Patch.esp
    *BP AE patch - CROSS_IES.esp
    *Synth Overhaul.esp
    *Synth Overhaul - No level requirements Patch.esp
    *Schnips - Synth Overhaul - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Schnips - CROSS_BrotherhoodRecon - AWKCR, VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Schnips - CROSS_CoA - AWKCR, VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Schnips - CROSS_CourserStrigidae - AWKCR, VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Schnips - ImprovedBoSRedux - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Schnips - ImprovedBoSRedux-Uniforms - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Schnips - SuperMutantRedux - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Better Explosives Redux.esp
    *LOST Wasteland Codex Patch.esp
    *Schnips - SKKCombatStalkers - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *LOST Visible Companion Affinity Patch.esp
    *Schnips - 3dscopes-replacer - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Immersive Fallout - Realistic Jumping.esp
    *Immersive Fallout - Realistic ADS (DLC).esp
    *Immersive Fallout - Real Recoil (DLC).esp
    *Immersive Fallout - Vanilla Laser Recoil.esp
    *Immersive Fallout - Movement (DLC).esp
    *Immersive Fallout - Vanilla Player Movement.esp
    *Schnips - Better Explosives Redux - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Schnips - DeadlierDeathclaws - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Tactical Thinking.esp
    *Lots More Facial Hair.esp
    *Lots More Male Hairstyles.esp
    *Merged Appearance.esp
    *FO4 NPCs Travel.esp
    *The Eyes Of Beauty.esp
    *AA Better Companions - No Conflicts.esp
    *Schnips - NPC Travel - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Scrapper Corpse Highlighting - DLCRobots Fixes.esp
    *Raze My Settlement.esp
    *Schnips - SettlementMenuManager - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *LOST Settlement Attack System Patch.esp
    *Better Cooking Stations.esp
    *Better Cooking Stations - Far Harbor + Nuka World patch.esp
    *Better Cooking Stations Immersive Patch.esp
    *Schnips - Salvage Beacon - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *LOST Workshop Framework + Plus Patch.esp
    *Schnips - ModdableRobotSettlers - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Schnips - Better Cooking Stations - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Thaylar Lighting 3.2 - Big Edition.esp
    *Schnips - Workshop Rearranged - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Merged Audio.esp
    *Merged Visuals.esp
    *Vivid Weathers - FO4.esp
    *Vivid Weathers - FO4 - Quest.esp
    *CL Patch - SectorV.esp
    *Schnips - CrimeTown - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Vivid Weathers - FO4 - Far Harbor.esp
    *Vivid Weathers - FO4 - Spring.esp
    *Vivid Weathers - Nuka World.esp
    *Schnips - Vivid Weathers - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Schnips - Vivid Weathers - FO4 - Quest - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *FO4 Seasons - Spring - AllDLC.esp
    *Glowing Animals Emit Light.esp
    *Swinging Meat Bags.esp
    *Thaylar Lighting 3.2 Workshop Rearranged Patch - Big Edition.esp
    *Pip-Boy Flashlight.esp
    *Vivid Waters.esp
    *Schnips - BoSStory - VIS-G Patch.esp
    *Langleys HD Textures Workshop.esp
    *Finch and Graygarden Elevator.esp
    *Bashed Patch BOS.esp
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    Thanks brother! I liked most of what you had. Wasn't sure how to interact with BRB in some cases as he uses the bash patch...

    I have tried better locational data - which if that was all he touched, would be great. But so much else just goes bonkers I think.

    I am going to work on this build as well.

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    Has anyone tried Atomic World... I have and absolutely love it... adds so much more to the world...
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