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Big Nasty Engine Bug


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I've found what I believe to be an engine bug that can make a save feel extremely broken. I'm looking for some save files to test my potential workaround for this.

You can confirm your save qualifies by turning on papyrus logging, and then running the command:

dper kgsim_mastermaintenance

Once you do, open your Papyrus.0.log file and search for Remote Events, you should find a section that looks like this:

Event registrations for all scripts on kgSIM_MasterMaintenance (XXXXXXX):
[04/29/2020 - 01:50:02PM] Remote Events:
[04/29/2020 - 01:50:02PM] Animation Events:

If you see that there is nothing between Remote Events and Animation Events, you have the issue and I'd like to see your save file!