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Be careful when you ask for help you might get it Completed.


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Raider boss Karvoc to Jammer

*Raider Boss* Long ago back before the war, I remember there were commercials for vault 88. A better life underground reserve spots today just like that of vault 111. So when I picked up that signal the other day that it needed some sort of help, Jammer I just have to see what is in there, who knows what pre-war stuff we could get my hands on.

*Jammer* Yeah, boss I still find it hard to believe that you are from before the war that shit is crazy also what the hell is a commercial?

*Raider Boss* Never mind that Jammer what is important is I want in that vault.

*Jammer* Haha so how are we doing this boss

* Raider Boss* Let us see how this plays out, I wonder what we have to work with.

Stand Clear doors opening.
*metal on metal screeching*

*Jammer* Wait what, it is a working vault boss do we still kill everyone?

*Raider Boss* I have an idea Jammer.

*Raider Boss* This will be what a vault should have been we will make it a recruitment and recovery ward for the gang. Oh, I have plans for this place.

*Jammer* You mean I have to get people to maintain it?

*Raider Boss* looks at jammer and just raises an eyebrow

*Raider Boss* Yeah get them anyway you can we have an opportunity to make something here that will make us a true powerhouse in the whole wealth and maybe further.

*Jammer* Ok, you are the boss Karvoc.

20200421210406_1.jpg 20200424112815_1.jpg 20200424112847_1.jpg 20200424112921_1.jpg 20200424113117_1.jpg 20200424113128_1.jpg 20200424113333_1.jpg 20200424113531_1.jpg 20200424113752_1.jpg 20200424113937_1.jpg
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Raider boss Karvoc and Jammer.

Jammer: Boss, there is a raider gang already here.

Karvoc: So let's rip them up and take their stuff, whoever lives around this much radiation is clearly mad.

Jammer: ok spread out and take them down.

Karvoc: that was rather easy, time to see if I can open this door.


Karvoc: vault TEC calling, snickering.

Overseer Barstow: are you here to help we have been stuck down here for so long.

Karvoc: yes we are here to get you out and help any way we can.

Jammer: what no we... oh I get it.

Overseer Barstow: Ok connect your pit boy up to the console and the door will respond I will see you inside.

Karvoc: too easy :D gives the sign to lock and load.
The game plan here.
I am going to make a vault where 20 people can live
20 beds and 20 jobs.
at level 1 it should be an every day happy vault.
at level 2 it will be crazier with art and broken stuff.
at level 3 it will be a full-on raider paradise.

I have given up on expanding past the first big cavern.
Now I just need to make a vault I have happy with which is turning out to be rather a lot of destroying and rebuilding.

Build limit... you are a curse. I could have made this but it would have to be PC only. Might have to save this build aside and see if I can release a raider version of it on my own.
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Just a little work on the entrance side of the vault door. Idea is that traders will come and only be allowed to be in the screening area. Only vault residents are allowed further in. There is a security recruitment post if you want to join.


Weapons and Armor


some places to sleep.

much more to come.
Hello, more work has been done on vault 88. A lot of work from having 40 plots to a floor plan that is fun. I am now up to figuring out what the rooms need decoration wise see two rooms I am happy with.

20200411150913_1.jpg Here is one of the many bathrooms, nice and clean.

Here we have the maintenance section. The use of two internal plots and then two power armour stations, a weapon and an armour stations and then all the things a vault needs to keep running.
This vault is really taking shape now. But you are all probably wondering what is going on all these pictures are of a normal vault where is all the raider stuff. Well, what you are seeing is level 1. Yes, all this detail for level 1. It is almost like a build going sideways. Picture if you will a vault that is working but needs help. The overseer puts out a call to get help and lets in a raider boss who is also a vault dweller, go figure. Now you the raider boss do not want to destroy the vault just take it over, so you oust the vault peeps and take over but you are a bunch of crazy drunk bastards and as such, the place starts to fall apart. So as you go to level 2 you get stuff breaking and mess starting to pile up and lights stop working etc and more mess. level 3 you have full-blown raider motif with heads blood guts mess and a broken shell of a vault...
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more work has been done on it tonight.

20200413215627_1.jpg 20200413215811_1.jpg
20200421210234_1.jpg 20200421210406_1.jpg
The overseer is watching you.
Huh, milk of human kindness was inside of them all this time. Better use that to make the young of vault 88 all the better.

20200422112533_1.jpg 20200422131228_1.jpg
After a long day, you have to have someplace to call your own, where you can retreat into memories of a better time. This is the player bedroom.
level 1 is almost done. soon it will be all raider all the time.
Ok, I could not bring myself to destroy all my hard work. It will be a working vault. Please enjoy.
Having a hell of a time getting a video to actually record at the frame rate it is supposed to. I am running at 40-60 frames when I am walking about, I try to record and I am getting below 10. Anyone having issues like this?
Damn, nice. it may be late to say this, but you are the only one that has an old vault look city plan as i know.
Yeah? thanks. I had to pull out of that month as my pc went and died I may have the same with this plan somewhere but I think it is lost which is such a shame as I really liked that vault.
Yeah? thanks. I had to pull out of that month as my pc went and died I may have the same with this plan somewhere but I think it is lost which is such a shame as I really liked that vault.
Too bad, but thank you for the hard work.