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Old Post BCCP Faction - Central Comitee - Karl's Workshop


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Recommended by Central Comitee to listen while reading/posting :

Good day Comrades!

In this small radiated hut i will work very slowly on a specific faction for roleplay.

Time has come to introduce my idea of creating custom faction into SimSettlements Conqueror phase and for fun in single player Fallout 4 [or even others] experience.

STATUS [ updated by BCCP Central Comitee 16.03.2019 ]
Comrades - ive started first attempts to create BCCP faction in Creation Kit - im following Sim Settlements tutorial by our K master.


First i start small with lore background, flag assets and creating Rulebook for Roleplaying as this faction.
1a) Lore Background : WIP
1b) Flag assets: WIP
1c) Rulebook: WIP
2) Second i will try to implement this faction on Nexus and here as concrete downloadable asset [ how it be done i must learn first from You ]
2a) Downloadable phase [TBD]
2b) TEST 1 [TBD]
2d) TEST 2 [TBD]
3) Improving phase [until new Fallout for single is released ]
3a) Assets
3b) Lore addons

Brotherhood of Central Comitee Proletaryat
Faction to roleplay postwar remnants of communists / socialists among survived US Citizens .
Main goal is fight with commonwealth capitalism and imperialism while preserving our Comitee values.
We are enemies of BOS, INSTITUTE, we are going to reeducate MINUTEMEN, RAIDERS, CHILDREN OF ATOM we are going to befriend and recruit RAILROAD . Other factions as Central Comitee decide.

Faction is created around ideas of socialist commune and post-apo goverment in RED STYLE.
BCCP is way of roleplaying and have nothing at all with our real life values or ideas, including political orientation.

LORE part: WIP

1. Central Comitee
- real people decide in way of voting about ideology, choices, lore , decisions, and shape of our BCCP faction - only one rule - Roleplay in the mood of faction !
Max 12 people me included so anyone who feel interested sign.
Each month 1 voting on few dilemmas. Each Dilemma will be introduced into Faction Lore and Living Rulebook, furthermore it can be depicted in ASSETS even.
Here is actual list :
1. Comrade Commisar Karl Marx

2. BCCP MANIFEST [ LIVING RULEBOOK ]- as for true roleplaying we just need simple guide in pdf.

3. Assets - flags, maybe quests, maybe houses, maybe weapons, maybe decorations, maybe radios , maybe anything we could create together.

4. Just having mind freeing fun and lot of nonsense disscusion to waste time on while staying in Fallout Universe boundries.

As for now im opening registration for Comrades who want to be part of Central Comitee - write below if interested and want to be part of BCCP faction.

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So, communists take over settlements, then they no longer produce caps, and agriculture plots only produce food stamps? *scnr*

Will there be yao guai cavalry at least? :D

If you need russian strings for logos and such, you can ask me that at least. Though my grammar might be subpar, I left russia when I was 11.


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Thank You Comrade !
As for production our Radiated Gulags will offer electricity, warm food with reasonable waiting time, ammunition to reeducate Kapitalists , social shelters, mass insurance of working class, working hours [ about 15h per work day to be true] , medals, safety, equality , education, mass ban for all religion cults , it's best what soviet, china and north korea or any western corporation has to offer! And much much more!


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About BCCP -note 1 -sketch - Lore mummbling
Comrades! As BCCP Brotherhood of Central Comitee Proletaryat is against or better in oposition to classic understanding of dialectics being based on abosolute thus constant idealism of factions like Brotherhood of Steel, not to mention Institute or Minuteman we are for acting rather than being based on class stagantion that forces others to their roles in Wasteland society.
My faction which is for roleplaying purposes states that materialism is source of progress and even non materialistic values and ideas. It's nature which constantly evolves and which natural state is to fight. Non like all that Feuerbach, Kant or Shopenhauer type of things, we are meant to act and to make our philosophy actually working in Fallout univerese thing. Our settlers and soldiers first must to eat, have place to live, feel safe, have ability to improve as basics later then we could speak of art, science, and higher values which are parts of basic materialism too.
Matter is in eternal move, it is not constant thus all rather bourgeois values of Institute or BOS are beyond our interests as they are planned to kind of enslave and control population under specific rules. We can't agree to kind of Minuteman Schopenhauer attitude that the best people can do is to survive , stay low and in the best ending be not too much kicked by life.
Same with beliefs like Children of Atom, we think that belief systems, including religions are oriented to set human beings in cage like boundries of self control. While human nature natural state is to go forward and beyond , to improve and to bring evolution to the mankind.
We are based on contradictions , on the eternal collison of values as it is only way for the mankind to evolve and improve as society.
We are all not isolated beings in the nature of Wasteland, we are all organically connected and conditioning ourselves.
Our fight is primal, we need to fight to survive and to prosper. We can't let to be taken over by factions based on Carlyle, Kant, Kirkegard, Newman, we need to stand hard on our real ground while take all misticism as an absurd. That's why we are against Vault living, look what it was in the real, as we can remember from Vault 13 story . It was big social experiment of capitalists and imperialists not designed to protect or help the people.
There is only Matter that exist and it is evolving, and all comes from the Matter. As Ron Perlman said War never changes , he was wrong, War changes every time. We must stay with our experience while keeping Enclave, BoS, Institute,NCR etc at bay, trying to reeducate. Every idea is not objective, not independent it comes from Your society class, there is fiction to state otherwise.
We need to be part of our class, to learn the truth, to discover ourselves.
So for tonight....


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I assume you've seen the mods on nexus that might have assets you could expropriate, with the mod author's permission of course, for this project?
Like @nexusmods /fallout4/mods/8168


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Thank You Comrade, as for imgs i will use if creating any objects, some free to use historical posters and my own handmade ones . It will be very simple base for roleplaying as im totally newb for creating any quests [ but i want to , so if time only allows to learn some ]