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Bug "Bar None" has two stools at the same positions


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I have a bar none at level 1. Noticed that sometimes two settlers will sit at the same stool, the third from the right Closer investigation revealed that there are actually two stools there:


Yes, I refreshed. It didn't help.


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Aaaaa, yes. The Magic Stool at Bar-none. Some, just call it "the Lucky Stool." Some, think it cursed? Who, knows? :slow

At around 1am I think some bar stools do magically change. Eldarth, must have noted this "phenomenon" and incorporated it.

In my younger days, I seemed to notice around 1:30 some stools were in-fact, holding two people. "go figure. Likely, just needing to share a spot after all the drinking and dancing. It was kind of hard to tell. "It did look like they were trying to press themselves together and make just one person." But then you would see like two heads and know.

Then of course around 2am the folks were gone and I would walk by and I did in-fact see two stools. They were kind of hard to sit in though, little bastards.

The next week I would walk in the same bar and note; "Hey," :shok1 they had fewer stools. But, sure as rain, at 1am the whole process started again.

I sure hope Eldarth has a good sense of humor? He's going to pop open his thread and think who declared "pick on Eldarth day" :ty2

Its supposed to be Fathers day and folks need to be nice! After all, it is Stools such as this, that often create that situation in the first place.
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