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    Hello folkes,

    I've posted similarly on the Nexus - whilst some will be blown away with some of the advanced features I want to thank you for two in particular.

    1) UNDO BUTTON - I'm clumsy, suffer from Carpal Tunnel and have deleted the Red Rocket Building and others like it by mistake so many times that you have no idea how much of a game changer this brilliant feature is....

    2) Save on Timer - Hated the time it used to take to exit and then re-enter the workshop so was prone to not saving for ages and then it'd CTD or I'd delete the Red Rocket Building or whatever and I'd be left with the choice of a save from 30 mins before or no more Red Rocket....... I've set this to every 3 mins - between this and UNDO I'm bullet proof - my two greatest nemesis have been vanquished and whilst simple - for me makes a drastic improvement that I can't thank you enough for.

    What intrigues me is the autosave feature - I've been using a mod for autosave during normal non-workshop gameplay for years - I try not to use them unless I have to - far preferring to load hard saves - but FO4 being a Bethesda game - you exit via CTD as often as you do by saving then exiting. Anyway - the autosave mod I'm using just now creates save files that are always circa 20-25% bigger in size than normal saves - the saves made by your mod however are exactly the same size as my hard saves. I'd really like to understand the how and why of this and also have the cheek to ask if you'd consider making an autosave mod for normal gameplay

    Thanks for all the amazing work you do!

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