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    So I have about 12 settlers in sanctuary, including the named crew. I had Sturges scavenging from an industrial plot, a had a doctor in her own house with a commercial plot and a a residential plot. The Longs had their own house and some farm plots nearby. Etc.

    Then I was trying to give Sturges a specific residential plot, and when I assigned it, the guard who was assigned to the house next door lost their assignment.

    So I went and looked at the auto-assignment settings, and as soon as I left the menu (without all changing anything...) everything went to hell. Everyone stood around for a while, for so long in fact that I thought the mod might be broken, so I tried rebuilding local data (although I don't think that changes anything in the script itself does it?), and that took an even longer time, and now everyone has different assignments from what I originally gave them!

    Is this expected behavior for auto-assign? Ideally, I'd like to set specific assignments, like Sturges scavenging, and my settler in medical clothes being the doctor, but I don't want to have to assign every single new settler that comes in. The auto-assign menu seems to suggest that auto-assign will only take settlers away from vanilla jobs, but that's clearly not the case.

    What should I be doing here?
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    If they're bunched up in a specific spot without moving, try waiting for 3 in game days infront of them and come back and tell me if theyre moving
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    sounds like you have got a ton of script lag.
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