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Bug Aurosave not working and Stuck in Workshop mode


So, I ticked the option "Pause time while in workshop" so I can actually be able to build up some of the settlements that I don't use RoTC on, and I noticed after an issue that Autosave doesn't function.

Of course, how I found out was after an hour and a half since a last forced save when I scrapped a piece of the Sanctuary Road, and undo didn't work (which was a bug from another mod, this issue has since been fixed by changing hotkeys.)

Addendum: I now have my character stuck in free flight, invisible, and everything in slow mode, and reverting save means losing 2 hours of progress. folder.7z?dl=0 - Saves
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If the autosave isn't working, go into the MCM menu or holotape.

Under Advanced, there's a setting to delay the autosave's return to workshop mode - increase that. Basically, if autosave puts you back into WS mode faster than your hard drive can write, it will interrupt the save.

For the other issue, go back into workshop mode, then use the hotkey to turn off the freeze time, and when you exit workshop mode, everything should go back to normal.

Let me know if you are still stuck (tag me with an @kinggath)


Okay, I haven't posted here for a while due to work issues, I haven't had chance to really play much of Fallout 4 (only really games that I can easily drop, or don't go time sucking) but I haven't encountered this bug again, but I have had other issues that I am going to test out the increase in timer (occasionally when exiting workshop mode, my character keeps the buffs)

Thanks for telling me about that option being a possible fix there, I will bump it to 5 to make sure.