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    I'm trying to do this for my city plans, and it's not going well

    I want to make a city plan that has Designers Choice for a few plots - eg I want Ideks logistic Station, i want tatos, mutfruit, and corn for adhesive for my first three farm plot, and i want the mayor's hut in a specific spot.

    For everything else, I want to place a 'Dummy' plot. Basically a flat plot with a sign that says 'Residence', 'Commercial', 'Advanced Industrial', internal and external, each plot size, each on an apropos background color. Probably with a bed in the residential one but nothing else that actually does anything.

    The idea is I place these, export the city plan, but don't have this activated when i play and all these plots automatically randomize.

    I haven't put a huge amount of effort into this, but I'm having trouble getting it to work, and I don't have a lot of excess time to figure out what I'm not getting about the kit. Would anyone be willing to do this and drop it on Nexus for people?
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