A "falling block game" has just been posted on Nexus

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    Wh.... How.... B....


    The description page alone is worth visiting to read it. Also, this is the only honestly-tagged file in modding history. Spoiler: Play Tetris on a giant screen spawned in with lightboxes and make nearby NPCs fall from the sky. Or explode. Possibly both.


    Edit: looking at this user's files, they are ALL wildly improbable effects that bend spacetime reality in ways you would not have thought possible to wring out of this engine. The next time I think I've come up with a clever Papyrus trick, I will browse these files again, and softly weep.


    Edit again: Paging MrJoseCuervo, who I believe made a Zetan Invasion pack for Conqueror, right?
    This guy made a gun that causes the target to be abducted by aliens. I feel like you should combine forces here.

    .....aaaaand he made a working Portal Gun in 2016 WHO IS THIS GUY
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