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Primary Bug Report 1.0.1 - totally clean install - new play - all fine until quest "Hub of a Problem" - Jake does not follow inside!


Active Member

  • new play on 101 with clean install
  • So far all quests fine
  • now on "Hub of a Problem"
  • Piper follows inside...
  • Jake does not follow inside...
  • going outside, no Jake...
  • I saved, reloaded, no change
  • jake dragged some supermutants, we killed them, maybe related? he lost his state due to fight?
  • I will try try older savegame from before getting that quest
  • nope, did not work. do I have to send Piper away??!

Briar Cudge

New Member
I have the same issue, on version 1.0.1, we encountered supermutants outside of vault tec building, now he just waits by the theater and I can't talk to him. There was also a bear involved. I used the sleeping bags in the playground to save.