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  1. Pdrew619

    Vault 88 basic city plan not working

    Hi all, I've just finished the Vault-Tec workshop DLC and decided to use a city plan for Vault 88 but it seemingly hasn't built anything, it just resets the settlement and that's it. Also, everytime I try to build anything there it crashes my game. I'm on Xbox One by the way. Is there anything...
  2. I

    Suggestion Commonwealth's Overseer

    Would simply like to be able to switch out the workbench Workshop with the Vault-Tec DLC Workshop, or something smaller like a diagnostics cart or '76 CAMP So it can fit in with your build/location/theme. I love Vault 111 Redux but the Workshop isn't consistent with the ones found in '88. This...
  3. L

    Can't download Add-ons with Sim Settlements Lite

    Hey guys, So I made the mistake of downloading Sim Settlements Lite over the OG version a while back. I've really enjoyed the mod and have used it all throughout my settlements. Anyway, I recently bought the Vault-tec DLC and want to get the Sim settlements Add-on for that, but it won't let me...
  4. SpringyFz

    Vault-Tec Mini Vaults

    Vault-Tec Mini Vaults: V. 0.0.1 #Released???