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settlement building mods

  1. K

    Suggestion Settler Navmesh fixer for workshop framework

    I love building settlements but hate seeing settlers trying to walk through walls or crowd in a corner instead of following a clear path in front of them. If there could be a way to reset a settlement’s navmesh or something to make the settlers recalculate their movements and take into account...
  2. Irealys

    My Bloody Valentine Addon Announcement

    Hello everyone, most of you know me as the xbox player with too many ideas. Well… that’s not true anymore. Thanks to the help of generous people from this very community I now have a computer that can run Fallout. I’m not going to need annoying creators to try my ideas anymore. It obviously...
  3. MrJacean

    List of all affected cells or locations in SS2

    In process of creating an entirely new incarnation of the Commonwealth GECK mod with a different focus this time, and I'd like to make the adjustments before release to ensure it will be as compatible as possible with SS2 as I think they could go hand in hand together very well. So as the...
  4. Iztari

    Solved Getting all settlers in a settlement..?

    Is there an "inbuilt" function to retrive/hijack all current settlers refID in a settlement, or are you stuck with functions like: FindAllReferencesWithKeyword?
  5. peachy_panda

    xbox 1 settlement issues

    i play on x box 1 i'm new to sim settlements. An issue i have recently run into is my game will crash if i enter certain settlements that have city builder on them Vault 88 - i have Codsworth assigned here and i cant walk into the build area of the first cave Taffington boathouse - i have...
  6. F

    what are some good building mods

    I have been seeing a lot of nice stuff and building styles/items since i started playing. But I seem to be unable to find a good mod(s) for building. Have yet to find roads Currently I have snap and build it is so so the snap points seam off to me and it is a pain to get stuff snap together...