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quest bugs

  1. T

    IIHAH/Casting a Line

    Hello, I hope this is the right place to post this. I have recently started a new save and downloaded what I believe to be the latest version of SS2 as well as the workshop and hud frameworks. I understand that apparently you can skip all the quests, but what little I have seen so far has been...
  2. Yudie

    Stranger stuck behind Door at Olivia

    Stranger spawned inside room thats supposed to be opened by stranger using the terminal.
  3. L

    "New Plots on the Block" - Animation Bug

    I found a bug with this quest, after I activated the Comm-Hub, Jake in of doing a tweaking/fixing animation he would instead stop talking and stare blankly at the machine and stop talking. In the meantime while he stares blankly at the machine, I am also able to walk through him. Unable to...
  4. B

    Having trouble starting 'Well Well Well'

    So I am at the point in the SS2 story where I'm supposed to get 'Well Well Well' when Jake contacts you over the radio. I know it's at least partially working since I managed to get it to work perfectly normally, but on that save I died and had to reload an earlier save before I got the radio...
  5. J

    [BUGs] the Grudge, ASAM undeletable, fake building upgrades, blank plan & leader lists

    So I started up a brand new, absolutely clean save, to test SS2, for a four-day in-game time. These are some uncommon bugs which other players didn't mention: 1. Side mission stuck - The Grudge: Bounty Hunter's body has been cleared, but stage was not marked as done. The bot in next stage didn't...
  6. B

    Jake locks up after the "Where There's Smoke" quest.

    Help, I'm trying to start the Memory Lane quest but, Jake won't speak to me and if he does sit down at the radio he just stans back up. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  7. Cyber101

    Couple of issues that I might be experiencing alone

    #1: Every time I use the city plan, it goes without a problem. but after that, it duplicates every scrappable items. Meaning I have to scrap those items twice. for example, I scrapped one of the ruined houses in Sanctuary to get some junk. after that, I used the city plan to let the settlers do...
  8. B

    O-M-0R not progressing the Quest "Batteries Not Included"

    The marker points me towards her, but when i talk to her she just gives me common dialogue and not quest related dialogue. I am not using any incompatible mods since i have checked for this problem, idk what else to do.
  9. G

    Suburban Disturbance

    I'm playing on PC. So I talked to Sickle and he sent me to find Nail, I found a bag of meat or bones or whatever, then the quest told me to report back what happened to Nail. But when I enter the West Everett Basement, first of all, the mutants there are fighting something or eachother, I can't...
  10. S

    [PC] Jake vanished after Well Well Well!, Watchful Eye never started

    Hey all, before I get into the issue I want to clarify some (potentially) important info: Checked Solutions for the most common problems, none apply (except for maybe one below). Checked mod conflicts: The only settlement mod I have is This Is Trash which from what I understand is unrelated to...
  11. F

    [Quest] Where There's Smoke - bugged

    the cut scene from this quest will bug out and every just stops talking. I've searched this whole forum and every one else who had has this problem, their solutions do not work for me. i can not proceed at all with this quest.
  12. F

    can't talk to Aiden/gunner hunter guy

    i get to the cut scene where you and Jake meet Aiden/gunner hunter guy for the first time. when it i try to ask him what happened at the gunner camp, my character does that weird dialogue bug where you don't say anything and are stuck in cutscene. i cant progress from this point on. usually in...
  13. N

    PC - C2D after viewing item Junk Sculpture - Bowling Trophy [Quest: Not All Artists Starve]

    Hi! I've already solved my issue, but want to help so I'll post the bug and player-side solution here. Edit: After continued play for a bit, a new follow-up quest Short version: Main issues Quest: [Not All Artists Starve] 1: After retrieving the desired item from quest giver, makes player...
  14. TheWastelandNomad13

    I need help with a quest

    So for the carne asada quest I have the stash but I can talk to him to give it to the guy
  15. D

    Theres some Bugs- Issue with Memory Lane quest

    After fixing the Plutonium well and returning to Jake and talking to him about his daughter I suppose he's stopping for the utility Bot who brings an entourage of roaches but Jake never acknowledges them and After Killing them Jake won't continue his conversation, Playing on Xbox
  16. Knümf

    "Where there's smoke" cutscene breaks the game for me, and I cannot solve it.

    So I am doing the quest "Where there's smoke" and I am at the cutscene that triggers when you meet Aiden. The cutscene bugs out no matter what I do. The conversation stops, and everyone is silent, I cannot move or do antything but reload a save. I am aware that many other people has had the same...
  17. javelintea

    Side quest The Grudge potential conflict CTD problem (may content spoiler)

    Hello! My current version is 1.0.0f with a quasi light modlist, so far the main quest part is going well (finished tracking gunner signal), workshop part is functioning well too, thanks alot to make this extraordinary mod! however there is a CTD problem around The Grudge, (I have finished five...
  18. D

    Hub of the Problem Quest Broken

    I took the elevator down to the basement. I was looking around and I saw a door that said it was locked (advanced). I picked the lock and it took me outside the building. I fought 2 supermutants and when checking my pipboy it autosaved. I went back inside the building and then jake thought we...
  19. chase_fw

    Resolved [Casting a Line] not initializing after completion of [If I Had a Hammer]

    Hi. So the issue here is not that a stage in [Casting a Line] won't trigger, but that the quest itself won't, even though [If I Had a Hammer] seems to resolve normally. Here's an unlisted recording of the issue: My modlist has a little over 40 mods, which doesn't really make it "small", but...
  20. 1

    Quest "check for asam sensors at west everett estates" is stuck / finding Nail

    I met the super mutant Sickles in the estates basement, he was supposed to give me a note from Nail so i could find him, he doesnt give me one, but i found one in the basement (says something about a "big car"), picking it up doesnt trigger anything. So am not sure what to do now, since i dont...