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  1. Sirlach

    Tutorial Sim Settlements Experience Mod List.

    Why build a Sim Settlements Mod List? As members of the City Plan contest team Kinggath, UitUit and I needed a way to quickly setup a Sim Settlements Fallout 4 profile that would enable us to see all of the add-ons available in Sim Settlements that City Plan makers used. As I had built a...
  2. CodeNamed1

    Builders Toolkit MO2 Locating esm/esp with CK

    So I am 100 % new to this modding thing and Am trying to get a hang of it by following kinggaths builders toolkit tutorial but I have run into a wall as I can't figure out how to open the ss.esm file in the -File -Data tab in CK as the .esm file is not showing in the list. All the vanilla game...