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  1. D

    Question Conqueror Issue

    Whenever arranging my attack force, when I click on the "Soldiers" section, all of my available units automatically fills it up, going over my limit of 15. Clicking on "Soldiers" only gives me the text box of "How many attackers do you want to send?" I cannot edit anything about the "Soldiers"...
  2. seto007

    Question Conqueror Menu Appears After Character Creation, But Cities Don't Pre-Generate

    I have played with Sim Settlements Conqueror previously, and so I know that after you setup your options in the configuration menu and click "Let's Do This", that a progress bar is supposed to appear in the upper left corner to show the progress of pre-generating cities. However, after I click...
  3. S

    Solved Placing objects stuck at 100% 1/4

    When I started my new game picked my settlements and my plots when it gets to 100% on 1/4 it gets stuck and doesn't proceed to 2/4 this is also on conqueror Also connected with rise of the Commonwealth settlers of the Commonwealth If that helps
  4. S

    Solved Stuck at 1/4

    Whenever I try to wait for the settlements to create when it's placing plots and it's at 100% it gets stuck
  5. Azarithkazehana

    Question Plots not working right

    So I've manually place several commercial plots but when i try to choose the store i want built it won't let me select anything and if i try to move to my inventory side it goes blank on the plans side I'm on an xbox 1 x and have had no problems at all until i installed a couple of citys plans...
  6. S

    Solved Prebuilt settlements option not showing

    When I start a new settlements conqueror and I try to pick the prebuilt options (settlement plots) the options on the left and right don't show there's a issue video on YouTube about conqueror me and dongobot(the uploader) talked to me and said to post a ticket I don't know how to do that but if...
  7. K

    Old Post ROTC plots not spawning when settlerment build

    ive had this issue for an extreamly long time, and it’s very frustrating. So let me start off with a few key points: One: This issue is constant for me, I’ve completely reinstalled the game, shifted its stored location, removed all mods but sim Settlements and ROTC and requisite mods, and the...

    Not a bug Game Loadup Issue Xbox1s

    I know the issue of improper game startup was already discussed, but the issue I'm having is that the game will not even go to the Loading menu upon startup. I am playing on updated game, Xbox One S with only Sim Settlements mod (no other mods). No DLC. I click on FO4 to begin game, the usual...
  9. B

    House Junk Not Appearing

    Hi there, I'm having a bit of trouble with Sim Settlements, and I'm a bit of a noob at it since I've only just installed it on the Xbox One. The issue I have is that the generated junk that makes each house unique with a kind of backstory is simply not showing up, the house itself is, and its...
  10. Metzler

    Following Tutorial for Add on mod making and this happens..

    Hey There, Anyone that can help is amazing (Thanks in advance) So I've followed Kinggaths tutorial for making addons - it's a fantastic guide. Here's my issue, I've followed it to the T 3 times now and every time in game when testing (with a brand new game and new saves with only Unofficial...
  11. draesham

    WasteLand Lounger taking over

    Anyone getting Kinggath's buildings defaulting to Wasteland Lounger when built - that is a settler claims the plot & builds on it? I have twice checked the plots on placing as wanted one of as many houses as possible & changed them using the Architects T-Square when duplicated & still Kinggath's...