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  1. R

    SSM 2 Lets Play, Feed Back and Suggestions

    I have recently made a lets play series of the sim settlements 2 mod and would love some more feed back. I know that there is some audio line up issues. I hope that by creating this I can receive additional advice and direction from other people that care about this mod. I have tried to make...
  2. RayBo

    BaGS_2.0 Bake a Game Save

    BaGS_2.0: Reserved_01 - an intro "This is also how I will number the posting in the thread" so: Reserved_01 = page 1 LINK to BaGS_2.0 Main File: updated: 20DEC19!Ahn6DCFY_XOmgfhvWNxS5M7v4MnV1Q?e=3Wm9Oh LINK to Main BaGS_2,0 Folder: I will be placing other files into...
  3. RayBo

    Announcement Mystic Pines by fftfan

    aka our own: @VersusXV
  4. X

    Question I've messed up a settlement and need help plz

    I've been working on a mod I'm calling Southside Raider Camp. It's a settlement south of Abernathy. The plan was for the player to find it with only a handful of people, move in, and build it up. Problem is, I've messed up the actual settlement in the CK. I'm not sure why it doesn't work and I'm...
  5. AmyStark

    West Virginia CAMP

    Watching the Bethesda E3 presentation of Fallout 76, and all I can think during the settlement stage is I can't wait to see how Sim Settlements takes on the game's new CAMP system. Looking forward to the prequevolution!
  6. Kazrok

    Fallout Tabletop wargame

    For those who like Tabletop wargames as well as fallout this might be of interest.