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  1. T

    Addon Pack Registration Failed. Anybody Else Experience This?

    Played an hour last night to set up SS2 for myself, and find myself at Red Rocket with the Stranger after only an hour of playtime. When I loaded my saved game, I got this message: Addon pack registration failed. The registered name in the config object field sAddonFilename: SS2.esm does not...
  2. RayBo

    Vortex and ESP flagged ESL

    You can now flag candidates with the push of a button from inside of Vortex. Benefits: Manage esp limit No compacting esp mods into esl mods. Explained Old video below, but shows how to do it in vortex. For the technical answers see the gamer poets video above.
  3. SetArk

    Cleaning F04 ESMs.

    Hail! I just wanted to know, do you folk normaly clean the F04 ESMs, the same way as S.T.E.P recommends on doing for Skyrim?