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build limit

  1. M

    Question Rotcw builds

    I'm on Xbox and was wondering how large do I need to increase my settlement size cap to see a full city if I put codsworth in charge of sanctuary. All I see is a bunch of floating stairs and no beds or actual houses yet. I know you said no over 100% increase for Xbox users but I'd like to see...
  2. 0

    Question RotC maps usability

    I've just started a new play-through with Sim Settlements 3-in-1, Megapack year one, two and IDEK's logistics station. I've set up SS to work completely autonomous after city building plan setup, I want to occupy myself with the quests, not build settlements wherever I go. Also I've set the...
  3. Loci

    Solved Outpost Zimonja has no workbenches?

    hELLO LOVELIES Does Outpost Zimonja is have workbenches at any level? Since it's always at maximum build-limit I can't place any either. I'm at Level 2, but due to the Zimonja level bug atm (v4.0.5) it's level 3, can't find any workbenches after a full refresh. I love the decor and would like...
  4. CABoyer

    No Response Workshop scrapper?

    Kinggath, Was wondering if you have and plans or have thought about adding your own scrapper (scrap everything, spring cleaning) to Workshop+, due to both of those mods having flaws i currently use scrap everything because i have had major issues with spring cleaning in the past , but with your...
  5. Jake Wisshack

    Build Limit Reached, no idea what's going on.

    Hey guys, I just recently installed the SS, RotC and Industrial Revolution mods. I have created a town and I believe the basic level of building is done (level 0). I would like to try and upgrade my city and plots, however, I keep getting a message that pops up saying something along the lines...
  6. tre.archy

    Build limits

    Hi all, just thought it would be cool if the MCM menu for this mod allowed one to increase the build limits of settlements. I know there are mods that do this, but I feel that it fits well with this framework and could add to its completeness. Great work BTW, love this and WS+