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  1. D

    Question Conqueror Issue

    Whenever arranging my attack force, when I click on the "Soldiers" section, all of my available units automatically fills it up, going over my limit of 15. Clicking on "Soldiers" only gives me the text box of "How many attackers do you want to send?" I cannot edit anything about the "Soldiers"...
  2. ArtificialCactus

    Question Attack force added without adding

    every time I try to go out on liberate an outpost, it says I already have 7 selected even though I just opened the attack force menu, I've cleared out all my companions, dismissed all of my personal guards and I still have 7 special unit ghosts joining the assault. Im not sure if its a bug or if...
  3. Safecandy

    Solved Can't launch assaults anymore

    Hello! First, I have to say, I love this mod. I have over 2k hours in FO4 since it launched and this mod honestly makes it a new game. However, I'm having trouble with Conqueror. I am using the BOS Faction Pack just after Act 2 started and have had success setting up a main base at BOS...
  4. NickolaiTheGreat

    Question What Do I Do After The First Assault?

    I finish the first assault quest, but Jammer won't let me do anything else. He keeps saying my crew is waiting on me to lead the assault and has no other dialogue options. I've tried assaulting Red Rocket, Sanctuary, Abernathy's, and Sunshine with varying amounts of raiders and every time the...
  5. Grim Experiments

    High stakes, towering cakes, and randy mates.

    Now that I have your attention could I please borrow your wisdom? I'm a former SS/RotC player from 1-2 years ago (they all blur together) and since then a lot has changed, so I was hoping some of you may have insight you are willing to share. On my new conqueror game I chose random city plan...
  6. ElderJames

    RotC: Settlements Under Attack

    Greetings all. So I only recently learned about Sim Settlements, and I have to say wow. This is a mind blowing collection of mods and quite honestly far superior to the vanilla settlement building mechanics in my opinion. I have not yet installed any mods (I play on the Xbox One, soon to be...
  7. Gobb

    Closed Visiting settlers attacked Trashcan Carla

    Hey just made an account to post this. Installed all the updates and when i loaded in i heard gunfire in sanctuary. Turns out that the visiting settlers thought it would be a good idea to attack Carla. Since she was essential she lived but she killed the visiting people. Was wondering if it was...
  8. D

    Level 3 kennel dogs fighting settlers

    Exactly like the title says. When the Kennel (small martial plot) upgrades to level 3, the new armored dogs start fighting my settlers. Is this happening to anyone else?