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Yagisan's December 2021, Unofficial City Plan Challenge


Rebuilding the Commonwealth.
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G’day Folks,

It’s Yagisan here, with an unofficial city build challenge for December.
There’s been a long running joke that I would nominate Home Plate as the location for the Master’s Contest. If I could – I would.

At the behest of the city builders in Karvoc’s Discord server, I present Yagisan’s Home Plate challenge.

As this month (December 2021) has no official contest, we have decided, for bragging rights only, to see what we can build in Home Plate.
There are no prizes, beyond the sense of accomplishment that comes from bending Home Plate to your will.

Who can enter?
*. There are no prizes.
*Anyone who has not maintained good standing with the community (ie. has been banned from Sim Settlements or Discords, Forums, or other community platforms) is not eligible to enter.

Please post your entries on Nexus, and here in the forums!

What are we being judged on?
If your entry is valid, or not. If it meets the requirements, it's valid.


There are a few requirements though that you will need to be aware of.
  • You must use this Home Plate settlement. ( ) and the supplied support files.
  • The city plan must have a City Planners Desk.
  • The city plan must have at least 1 Residential Plot.
  • The city plan must have at least 2 plots.
  • The city plan must be a single (1) level.
  • The city plan must support at most 10 settlers.
  • The city plan must support at least 3 settlers.
Now Home Plate is a tiny settlement, so I’m going to make some strong recommendations on how to best build here.
  1. Do NOT build a beacon. Players should manually send settlers here, if they want them.
  2. Place, but do not build the plots until you have finished all non-plot building. When you are ready to test, spawn settlers with this console command
    cqf ss2_npc_recruitmentmanager settlers 1
  3. Use Place Everywhere to get your placements right. It’s hard to place with pillars blocking you. The pillars not NOT scrapable.
  4. It is strongly recommended to use the official Sim Settlements 2 competition entry save, head straight to Diamond city, and buy the key for Home Plate. Give yourself the money with this console command
    player.additem f 2000
  5. Use the MCM to spawn the City Planners holotape. Use the holotape to activate Sim Settlements 2, and use the holotape cheats to enable all plot types and plans.
If you send settlers to Home Plate before you finish building, they will build plots and get in your way. This is very, very frustrating.

What can you build with?
As this is not an official contest, and simply a challenge I’ve decided to expand your build options a bit. Remember anything not on this list, is not permitted.
The following are all acceptable to build with:
  • Sim Settlements 2
  • Wasteland Reconstruction Kit
  • Automatron
  • Wasteland Workshop
  • Far Harbor
  • Contraptions Workshop
  • Vault-Tec Workshop
  • Nuka-World
  • The following Creation Club items:
    • Arcade Workshop Pack
    • Coffee and Donuts Workshop Pack
    • Home Decor Workshop Pack
    • Modern Furniture Workshop Pack
    • Nuka-Cola Collector Workshop
    • Holiday Workshop Pack
    • Settlement Ambush Kit
    • Noir Penthouse
    • Shroud Manor
    • Neon Flats
    • Virtual Workshop

This challenge will end on Sunday December 26, at 10:00pm Japan Standard Time.
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I heartily endorse this contest (unofficially). :beach


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Made a good start on my entry.