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To all you compulsive writers out there, the Sim Settlements team(s) could use some new blood! Any of you out there with legitimate writing experience under your belt, I'm talking to you. All you English/Journalism majors in careers totally unrelated to your major, desperately needing to scratch that creative itch, I'm talking to you.

We're looking for people with writing chops who want to dive into the trenches with us and fight the good fight! There's plenty of dialogue to go around, plenty of characters to flesh out, plenty of notes and terminal entries to write! I'm talking about the meat, boys and girls. We've got ideas bleeding out of our eyes, noses, and ears already, but we're in short supply of people with the experience, talent and passion willing to do some real work.

We've got core teams of people dedicating chunks of their free time to consistently putting in work. This is a passion project, and requires some dedication. If deadlines make you squeamish, this ain't the gig for you. If you don't do well taking creative direction, this gig ain't for you. We're looking for genuine team players down for doing the work that needs doing. If that's you, step forward, and let's make something glorious together.

If you're interested in joining the team, send me a message (click my name and choose Start a Conversation), with some writing samples and your availability.