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Question Workbench breaks character functions


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Every time i access a workbench or crafting station i can no longer open VATs, access favorited items or toggle 1st/3rd person view. This has happened on 2 new games so far. I "only" use the mod to make changes to the following options.
1. Disable flight in build mode
2. Disable clear skies in build mode
3. Turn speed down to zero.

Running the Console command "dumpinputenablelayers' shows that layer 2 and 4 are disabled for workshop plus. The fix is to "resetinputenablelayer #' for each layer where # is the layer number. I have to constantly do this every time i use a workbench. Is there a permanent fix? I've made sure i have all my settlement mods updated.

Also, reinstalling the mod on a clean save breaks the function to open workshop by holding the workshop button. I can only open it by accessing the workbench.
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clean save
This is an urban legend. There is no such thing as a clean save. Creating one can corrupt your save file as you noticed with the "manage" activation missing from the workbench. Bethesda said Fallout 4 does not support the removal of mods during a playthrough in no uncertain terms.

Your issue with the EnableLayers is beyond my skillset. Have you ruled out a mod conflict? WS+ does some wizardry when workshop mode is entered and exited. Something must be preventing WS+ from putting the player character back to vanilla settings when you exit workshop mode. Have you tried putting speed to the lowest non-zero setting? I vaguely remember something about setting timescale to zero causing issues but my memory has lied to me before...