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What do I need to install to get started with Sim Settlements 2?


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This probably sounds like the most basic of basic questions.

I dabbled with the original Sim Settlements back in the day, but I've been away from FO4 for a few years. Now we've Sim Settlements 2, and it looks GREAT.

I'm on Xbox, which means I am stuck with the 2Gb limit - therefore, I'm conscious I cannot install everything I might want to. But what do I NEED? Do I just install the 'core' Sim Settlement mod? Should I also install Chapter 2 - or can that wait until later? Installing both takes me to about 1.7 GB. Yikes!

Also, what do I do about all the 'old' Sim Settlement mods and add-on packs? Are they all now redundant?

I know this is super-basic steps, but I couldn't see an explanation online that made it clear.


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The SS2 wiki has the information you are looking for. Here is a link for the xbox installation instructions.
Chapter 2 is optional. It adds some life to Concord during chapter 1 and continues the main quest after chapter 1 is completed.
All Sim Settlements 1 content is not compatible with SS2 and should be removed.