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Suggestion Toggle Navmesh visibility


New Member
Good day,

there seem to be two console commands to toggle Navmesh visibility in game (ToggleNavmeshInfo / tni - "toggle a view mode similar to the map camera and displays navmesh infos" and ToggleNavMesh / tnm - "Toggle blocked display") but from what I can tell they don't work in official releases (as opposed to a dev version) of the FO4 executable. Either because they're completely removed from the code or the functions are simply commented out, which wouldn't surprise me.

Is there any way that this could be re-enabled/replicated via F4SE as a part of Workshop+? Every time I start playing F4 again I get frustrated by settler pathfinding and I think it would be very useful to be able to see if sections of navmesh created by placeable objects are actually being connected to the rest or not. Also helps to see which objects are actually navmeshed instead of having to figure out later that a mod adding more floors has no navmeshes and that's why the settlers are playing "the floor is lava, therefore I will only teleport from now on".

This is way beyond my capabilities of modding (and concentrating) and I know this might not be possible at all or way too much work, so I'm not getting my hopes up.

Thanks for reading :)