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Theme Park Settlement plan?


Hello all, I was just wondering if anyone has thought of making a theme park city plan? I was watching a review of the "Working Roller Coaster mod", and thought it would be cool to add this into Sim Settlements. In fact keeping it tied to the Nuka World DLC or placing in a settlement there would be great, although there would be an issue with it being the Nuka World Red Rocket, unless your mod would add another settlement location.


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City Planner (S3)
I was considering it for the competition build using Longfellow's Cabin to make "Vim World" as a cut-rate NukaWorld knock off, but there are only so many of the NW assets that we can use for the City Plan Contest - generally, objects have to be from the base game, DLC's, or the Wasteland Reconstruction Kit. If we used anything from the "working roller coaster" mod, the plan would be disqualified.