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Taffington Garden Inn


Welcome to Taffington Boathouse, a dockside outpost intended for weary settlers and travelers alike!

Fits up to 15 settlers
3 agriculture & vanilla crops, 1 industrial, 3 commercial & blue man, 2 recreational, 3 martial
12 residential
Add-on packs: Vault-tec tools, Flotsam & Jetsam, Wasteland Ventures, Sim Settlements Scrappers, Ruined Homes & Gardens
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Featuring a three-story custom-built inn, shops overlooking the river, and a medical station, Taffington Boathouse is an ideal place to explore.

Thanks to our founder, Marisa Taffington, our medical station is equipped with the finest necessities.
Originally the owner of a small apothecary shop that was overrun by raiders, Marisa fled to the abandoned Boathouse. Deeming it similar to her grandfather’s and therefore calling it home, she revamped the house to include familiar needs, even installing indoor plumbing. She met her husband, Milo, and together they built the famous three-story inn, complete with a recreational plot that features overhead awning and marvelous outdoor exposure.

While Marisa and Milo are the backbone of Taffington Boathouse, they frequently go on trips to scavenge whatever useful supplies they can find. You probably won’t see them very often, but without them we wouldn’t have the beautiful gardens and mutfruit trees Marisa planted, or the brand new docks Milo created.
The Taffington’s hope you enjoy your stay here! If you behave, they may even let you settle in…and help rebuild the Fallout Wasteland in this new community!
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