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Suggestion for Foundations Add-on


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Love this mod, does a great job when you want to build up level areas.
Question... would it be possible to reverse it? Lower the high points of an area instead of raising the low points.


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I don't think the game engine supports subtractive volumes, otherwise we'd see more stuff with basements without needing to make cell edits.

Something like this would need to actually deform the terrain which is only possible afaik in the Creation Kit.

The current building blocks are just very low triangle simple shapes with textures that work exactly the same way other settlement objects work - you could terraform with refrigerators or wood floors if you wanted to - but this is an additive process - you aren't changing the terrain shape so much as dropping something on top of it that looks similar to ground. A subtractive block would cut a hole where placed and replace the edges of the hole where they intersect the game terrain with some kind of appropriate texture. This is the part I don't think exists in the game engine.