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Station like Add ons for pre-existing settlments?


Hi, I want to give SS2 a spin, and to say the least I DON'T like standard plots, not one bit, but after seeing the Vault 88 build for SS2 on Nexus I'm told there are add ons that add plots that are....more discrete. And since I'm using MUCH nicer pre-built settlement transfers whenever I can I need stations that do not fit Bethesda's "aesthetic" and do not take up room, let's put it that way. Plots that look pre-war, Skyrim, Amish, 19th century, 20th century I can work with.....but not Bethesda Fallout. Invisible tokens will also work. It seems like the Vault Tech Tools are a Major tool that really helps, but unless I can see all of them, I can't really see how much they'll help.

Mechanically there's lot to like about SS, but the plots themselves....they're both "Bethesda Fallout" and way too tiny for my sense of disbelief, which is why I'd prefer at least the option for some invisible tokens.

If it helps, I've NEVER used the settlement system except in quest-related circumstances and that was five years ago.


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So let me get this strait. You are complaining that a mod made for (as you put it) "Bethesda Fallout" follows that aesthetic? Not to mention that the mod creator happens to like that style.

One of the great things about SS2 is that different authors can (and have) created their own add-on packs for the game and are available for you to download and use!
You can find a list of all the currently available add on here:

What exactly do you mean by stations and invisible tokens?

Finally, one of the amazing things about SS2 is that if you something that you need for your game then you have access to all the tools necessary to make what you want, without having to rely on anyone else. If you aren't happy with the current plots that are available then by all means please make your own and feel free to share them if you want.


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Seriously if you hate the Bethesda Fallout aestetic that badly, may I suggest NOT PLAYING BETHESDA FALLOUT.

And if you don't like using settlements and haven't used them in 5 years, maybe a mod called SIM SETTLEMENTS was not the best mod to use. You say it does a lot you like but not the settlements? Tough luck, you only like the window dressing to what has been a mod about settlements since the very beginning. I know the name is confusing like that...

Also, what you are asking is literally redoing a mod that took years to do with a team of people. Ain't gonna happen. You want something that is different than how Sim Settlements 2 work, you gonna have to do it yourself because they will not change the entire mod because you don't like it.

If you just want to have different looking plots, then by all means, the tools are there, the tutorials are there, you can all do it. But otherwise respect the addon creators and respect that they will work with the style they enjoy. For some it might be the same as you but for most people, it will look like they BELONG IN THE GAME. But if you want to make plots with Institute look or Brotherhood look or whatnot, the tools are all there to reuse in game assets. You don't like the in game assets? Then you'll need to learn to create your own assets. You don't have the time? Too bad! Everyone of us use our free time to mod. I spole with the majority of the big name modders and guess what, they are pretty much all adults with jobs and families. The time they have, they can god damn decide what they do with it and if it means making "Bethesda Fallout" addons then respect them and the time they took out of THEIR free time to make content for everyone to enjoy.

Sorry, but I always get worked up when entitled people shit on an entire community's work on a project.