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Slocum's Joe


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Hey everybody,
I decided to try this build. It took until today to think of a concept.
Getting into the donut business. But, since I'm not able to put signs outside showing a business here I decided on this back story. Which may be revised.

Slocum's Joe’s ReVival
Slocum's Joe’s* great great great great grandson Slocum's John has decided to revive the namesake. So, John hired the sole survivor to find the long-lost Slocum's Joe’s franchise kits and the 11 secret herbs and spices donut recipes. The sole survivor had a tough time locating what John needed. But eventually prevailed. As the sole survivor always does.

John wanted to put the first Slocum's Joe in Diamond City. But there was a problem. The mayor wouldn’t allow it. The mayor was still carrying a grudge and hatred against John’s forefathers. Joe was set to be married but left a girl at the altar to follow his dream. Turns out that girl was the daughter of the mayor’s great great great great grandfather. It’s a small world after all.

John decided to go underground and start Slocum's Joe Society. This secret member only association allows members to partake once again in the Slocums' Joe way. Devouring DONUTS. Just don’t let the mayor know.

*Little Known fact. Did you know that Joe started his career working for Colonel Sanders? Sanders taught Joe the franchise business and that was how Joe became so successful. Eventually having Slocum's Joe in every state of the union. Plus, franchises in BF Egypt. Joe also had a daughter named Wendy and now you know the rest of that story.


All I have so far.

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