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Nukaworld Red Rocket


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I will try a Nuka World build but which faction will have to wait for me to look around the site again. It has been a long time since I have been back to that DLC. A pack version with lots of cages is my initial idea but I will have to give it some thought.


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My settlement at the Nuka World Red Rocket.

The South part of the settlement is a external residential plots area covering the former farm plot.


The NE corner is for animals including a mole rat farm.

There is a strip of external recreational plots in the open entrance area.

There are some cells to the North end of the Red Rocket building and inside the building.

Just to the South of the Red Rocket is a small commercial strip.

There is a small arena over run with some friendly mire lurks at the moment. This view is from the player's crib on the roof of the Red Rocket. The crib includes a private bed for the player.


There are a few games near the North entrance.


The generator, beacons, water, and facilities.


This is one of the rare sites with plenty of space to use the traditional external plots and leave a large open space for the player to do what they want in the NE quarter of the settlement. There were a couple of signs missing for some reason. One is a commercial plot from year one and the other is the drug den recreational plot from Conqueror.

A save file is available.

The plots used in the screen shots and save are:

Sim Settlements Mega Pack - Year One

SimSettlementsAddOnPack - RaiderRefugees

Sim Settlements - Conqueror