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Old Post Non bipolar start


New Member
Hi, Just "a" suggestion :
I always hate the bipolar way of Nuka World where you are capturing your owned cities you've build house after house.
At the start of the game, prebuilt Sanctuary, because the only quest involving Sanctuary is the Preston-Minutmen's questline, that is anyway broken, replaced by Jammer's questline.
Doing so, the player don't have to capture is OWN settlement as a raider. and don't loose all his stuff put in the workbench if he choose Sanctuary as a vassal city.
Lock Red Rocket workbench for the same reason without breaking Dogmeat's quest with prebuilt city.
After killing the raiders outside of the Museum, Jammer give you the quest to capture Red Rocket to have our first outpost, so we can stock and build all the stuff we REALLY need, to kill the Raiders's Boss, particulary in survival mode.After that we can choose the Vassal we want to dominate or go killing the Raiders's Boss to gain stuff and xp before attacking a real city.