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Old Post New game got bloated with scripts again


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only 5 hours in, have only done the first quest of conqueror, I killed preston and the group, then took over sanctuary and crashes began at that point pretty much, and also this happened to my save:

This time I made sure no conflicts were present at the workshopscripts though :( like workshopnpc, workshopparent, etc..

I did a new save for the new 4.0.1a update, I did update Sim Settlements and WF as well


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This is likely due to using the pre-start of Conqueror. Since this update, we've added a progress bar so people can wait in the prewar area or vault for it to finish and avoid this issue (note that you can actually just wait for the first 3 steps to finish - the 4th takes the longest, but is less intense on your system than the others).