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Duplicates Multiple Problems/Bugs

Sensei Farm

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As the title states, I have encountered multiple problems while trying to play with Conqueror:
1. Progress bar dissapearing. The progress bar for indicating the pre-building of settlements dissapears when I leave a settlement. It gets swiped away with the normal SimSettlement Hud.
2. Corrupted pre building data. After closing the game while it still was building the Settlements (because reasons), after I loaded the saved game it crashed while rebuilding the building data (the thing that happens after you are back in game). Had to start new to fix.
3. Random, but nonrandom crashes. After playing a little while (I already met the Raider(whatwashisname?) and started "In it for the money" when my game crashed after I returned to Preston after swiping the floor with those other Raiders and the Deathclaw. It was about 4 hours in the game. I was surprised at first, but thought just reload a previous save, will be fine. Well no, at about the same time the crash last time occured it happend again. This repeated to the point where i could pinpoint the exact time of the crash.
4. I don't know if this is a bug or not, but at the setup menu at the start (which appeared while I created my character with the vault tec rep, about 5 min in the game) I tried to change the Settlements chosen, but in the menu not all of them were loaded so one of them just appeared as a sort of placeholder for the others. Example: there were 8 times "old longfellows cabin". After refreshing the container, the number became smaller while more settlements appeared.
5. Selections get ignored. Happend at my last 2 tries to play. In the setup menu I selected to not use Sanctuary as a affected Settlement, but somehow the mod still build stuff in Sanctuary.

If I can provide anything to help you guys fix those problems, just ask.


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If you start running into crashes, it's highly recommended that you don't leave the Vault until after the prebuild is finished.

For some people, especially folks on Xbox, or with tons of mods installed, the game chokes when trying to process all of the scripts while you're also playing the rest of the game.

The issue with the setup menu sounds like something others have reported, yet I haven't been able to replicate. For the sake of clean testing, I'd suggest loading up a new game with just the bare minimum: ie. Conqueror, SS, WSFW, and HUDFramework, and see if the startup wizard gives you trouble still.