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Question [Mod Creation] Patching Horizon and Sim Settlements 2


New Member
Hey everyone!

I've been a long time player of Horizon and been dabbling in patching some stuff for it when the need arises. However, I've also played the early version of SS1 and SS2 and love how both mods compliment HZ.

The problem is, both mods are incompatible on some aspects. For example, HZ's Empire expansion edits parts of Concord and Vault-Tec HQ, meaning that would result in a conflict. There's also the fact that the SS2 starter quest requires the vanilla Radio Beacon, which HZ outdated and created it's own settler beacon. There's a lot more, and honestly, I would need an entire thread to do it.

Right now, this is what I've done so far:
  • Placed in HZ tags on SS2 consumables.
  • Horizon-ify perks/effects the SS2 consumables.

The things I want to work on:
  • Horizon-ify the weapons and items.
  • Balance the SS2 effects/buffs to make it more like Horizon.
  • Patch up any conflict that may arise as both mods are updated.

Currently, I'll use this thread as a status update/question thread to ask for help. As it is, my biggest question is how to convert the SS2 starter quest to use the HZ Radio Beacon rather than the vanilla one. Can I fix this with just FO4Edit or would I need to download Creation Kit to be able to fix it?

Thank you for any help you can provide!
Just wanted to reach out and ask how this project was going, as a horizon player myself I was wondering if any progress had been made.
I'm also a Horizon Player, I've been playing SS2 and Horizon together and just kind of 'living' with the issues this can arise because I love the combination so much