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Question Mayors House level 3 a bit superclean?


Active Member
Hi. I absolutely love the Mayors House, as it is essential for my settlements to have a place for me to sleep. The fridge giving some supplies is especially welcome, since I'm on a modded 3x damage survival playthrough as a minutemen general and railroad agent. So, supreme buildings, there.

The only 'issue' I'm having is the harsh clash of super-clean prewar furniture in a building that does still resemble "fine post-war architecture". Would it be strange to ask for a 'fully postwar' version? If that's out of the question or offends your aesthetics, it's good. I'll try and do a texture replacement thing for those items (that should be within my poor modding abilities. It would ofcourse mess up the pre-war elements of the game but I wouldn't want to edit your mod myself for upgrade-compatibility reasons.)

Just as a suggestion for the possible future of this part of the mod that makes it a must have for me.

Huge thanks to you making this plot.


Patreon Supporter
I love it myself. Your servant stocks the fridge with tasty rad-free food too.