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Suggestion Making function keys beyond F12 to be assignable as hotkeys


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I'm trying to assign hotkeys using F13 and beyond but they are not detected by the mod.
When I press them the area blinks for a moment then says registered as "none" again.
Would be wonderful to see a full support of Windows Virtual-Key Codes so people who
have keyboards with extra keys, like myself can benefit and utilize their hardware.
Which honestly I bought just for occasions like these, because everything else I'm trying to
assign is already binded to something else =/

I really hope it can be considered for future updates.
Thanks to everyone who's involved, in advance.


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I’m afraid that that is an MCM issue, not a WS+ issue.


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I’m afraid that that is an MCM issue, not a WS+ issue.
I see...You're right I'm sorry.
Since I wasn't able to change this and I could edit other mods;
I ended up configuring and disabling most of the hotkeys from "Place everywhere" mod to open up space.
So this is no longer and issue anyways, for me at least...

Thank you for your reply.


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Did you try manually editing these settings? (IMPORTANT: First make a backup of the MCM folder)


F-key keycodes beyond F12 are are 124 for F-13, 125 for F-14 and so on.

Here's a complete list

Of course it's possible that MCM has hardcoded disabling of some keycodes for whatever reason but it's worth a try.