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Old Post Limited Range Tracking Options


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Two thoughts crossed my mind wathching the notifications and tracking tutorial.

One is, it would be neat to have more granular quest markers for the tracking quests, just so you could toggle them on/off from the pipboy quest menu without going into the holotape. Ideally in the Misc Menu, toggling on City Leaders, City Planner Desks, Recent construction from there. Better yet if you could make toggling the City management quest add/remove the miscellaneous quests en masse.

Second would be the option to have 'Yes/No/Citylimits' for tracking. I've noticed (And I haven't used them of late because of this, so possibly it's changed) that when you have a lot of settlements some of these options produce a lot of clutter/dots on the hud. It would be rather nice if the range was reduced, or they were only active when you were inside the build space for a settlement, at least as an option.

Thanks - Jonnan