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Question Let's talk about Brutus


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His main trait prevents hostile take overs at the outpost/vassal he leads. [Resistance Fighter]

I have him leading a vassal that's at -32% control (negative control) and this vassal hasn't needed to be defended. This vassal is unguarded. I should have lost it weeks ago in game and would have if not for Brutus, it seems.

My other vassal (at 75% Control) has needed defending numerous times.

His minor trait buffs Battlefield Scavengers [Improvisor]. But if there are no attacks to defend then this trait is made obsolete by his major trait. No attacks equals no bodies to loot.

His malus decreases control provided by warriors.[Hot Shot] (This would only be an issue if he was leading an outpost and not a vassal.) But if his major trait prevents attacks, then it doesn't matter how much Control warriors or anyone else gives. No attacks is no attacks and as good as total control.

If I understand this correctly, he's pretty OP or at least all upside with no downside. One Brutus at your vassal is enough. No need for any guards or patrols. In fact, the bigger the vassal resource production the better to send in Brutus.

Bored Peon

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If I understand this correctly, he's pretty OP or at least all upside with no downside.
Aint his downside the bugged dialogue? I have had him in two games now and both times his dialogue loops constantly.

Those traits do seem really out of balance and contradict each other. Mostly because Resistance Fighter just seems way too overpowered. It should only have a reduction in chance to be attacked, not negate it completely.