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Items returned to my inventory after salvage team gets back


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This happened on xbox.

My first several beacons worked fine, but the latest one had a bit of a strange hiccup. Not game breaking, but strange.

I got the notice that the salvage team returned to sanctuary, but as soon as that notice faded, I started getting other notices that items were being added to my inventory. At first I was just confused, but then i started recognizing specific things and quantities. They were all aid items I recognized as being things I had put in the cache, but only the aid items. I had set it as a donation for the settlers to use.

Apparently they are too good for instamash, blamco, and so on. ;p

I suppose it could be something with my load order, but it had worked fine before this. *shrug* Also, I'm a bit of a hoarder, so I'm not sure if checking the workbench would make it obvious if the items were duplicated or not. I can't think of any other possibilities of what could be happening.


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you are fine, it isn’t broke.

they will return items when they are at 100% or items they can’t use.

maybe send them to a different settlement next time or set the return to your self then sell them?