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How It Works!

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The City Plan Contest will challenge you to create a City Plan we can share with the entire community!

Each month on the last day, we'll update the City Plan Contest mod, and make an announcement with the settlements you can choose from for that round (as well as any special rules for the design). You'll have 4 weeks to create an amazing City design and share it with the forums. After that 4 weeks is up, the settlements will be judged by members of the Sim Settlements team, then the top 3 designers will work with members of the SS team to do a video tour of their City to show off to the public for a final vote by the entire community!

In order to do this, we have a few rules you need to follow. The rules are to give you all a creative framework to design from and also help ensure all City Plans in the contest can be used by as many people as possible. Each month's contest will have special requirements your City has to follow - for example, certain numbers of plots, or a specific item you have to try and make fit the theme of your design. See the latest round's sticky post (which will be named after the current month and year) for details on the current round requirements.

What do I win?
The top 3 entries will be featured on kinggath's Youtube channel for the community to see in all their glorious detail. The winner will receive a Sim Settlements t-shirt, as well as a featured spot in the upcoming City Plan megapack mod!

Who can enter?
Anyone not currently on the Sim Settlements team may enter*, provided you are building your settlement on PC. We currently lack the tools necessary to export a settlement from Xbox, if that ever changes - we'll likely expand to allow Xbox players to enter as well!

*Anyone who has not maintained good standing with the community (ie. has been banned from the Sim Settlements forums) is not eligible to enter.

How do I enter?
Make a post in the Enter the Contest Here section, then follow the rules to build a settlement!
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