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How did you make it to the end?

also a shout out to @Cessori and @Captain LaserBeam. I honestly thank you for helping me find the wabbajack SSCPC Helper. This time, I do not mind starting over, but look forward to it! Thank you to @Yagisan for ensuring the mod list worked, even for someone like me. I feel appreciated and will do anything to keep this community going. Let's face it, the new games don't have the same feeling for me anyway like Skyrim, and Fallout 4. And with the modding community, you keep those games alive and fresh. Thank you so much!
It's kinda hard to say tbh without more information as to what other kinds of mods you're using; I tend to run with 200-300 mods per playthrough myself (oops). Have had playthroughs that were ground to a halt, but that usually has more to do with me losing interest (Chapter 3 is... not my favorite ^^). Have gotten to the end at least 2-3 times. I tend to play on easy, have picked multiple different factions, I don't use custom companions, and always help Preston and build up Sanctuary. XD

I know using item sorters that tag quests can mess things up, and as Sim Settlements 2 is very script heavy, probably don't want to use a lot of other script heavy mods. Honestly, my suggestion would be try a stripped-down load order so you can focus on SS2 and its story.
I am so bad at war. So very bad.
Fingers crossed I get to the war. I am about there now (again). It's fine. I enjoy Fallout and SS2 enough that it's not a huge deal for me to abandon a save. It does make me the worlds worst MMO friend, however, as I no longer have the ability to form or maintain the kind of OMG log in and play everyday focus required to see one of them through. ;)