[Guide] Stability tips for Sim Settlements.

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    This guide will attempt to reduce the amount of CTD or Crashes to Desktop people are having with Sim Settlements, it is by no means a magic wand that will cure the 100+ hour save you just put in the BBQ, but
    rather will attempt to give tips to avoid toasting your saves and corruption in the long run, as well as some general tips that will try to maintain the script usage to the lowest possible to avoid some of the stability issues Sim Settlements is known for.

    Without further a do, let's get started:

    >Complex Retexture Project (If you have less than 4GB of Video Memory or an Nvidia GTX 970 with 3.5G:cool:
    >Paladin Bailey RedRocket (From BostonFPS Fix)
    >Performance screenshots for Sim Settlements (Included in this guide)
    • Optional Mods:
    >ENBoost for GTX 970
    >Nvidia Profile Inspector Profile (Included on an archive at the end of this thread)



    When prompted for graphics, chose either Low or Medium, DO NOT pre build ALL settlements, I always take out Far Harbor, Sunshine Tidings, and the default settlements that are set to NOT USE, are left alone (sanctuary, red rocket..).

    Start the game, if you use StartMeUp wait for the prepare phase to reach a small % then procceed outside the door and choose your start normally. For normal Vault start just follow along the pre war scene as you would.

    Vault Users might want to wait the process out inside the vault after the pre war scene has finished, then procceed to the enable mod process once Conqueror has built everything in the background and you have saved your game afterwards.

    StartMeUp users wait in whatever location you chose , don't switch cells/move around the world map, wait for the conqueror process to finish the 4 steps first, then save.

    *You can run around the world if you want ONLY AFTER conqueror has finished the 4 steps, this is also good, but takes
    time to do, visit settlemetns for them to finish updating plots and scrapping stuff and that kind of stuff, then, save
    this is optional and might add extra stability, I think**

    >>>>WARNING: Scrap Everything users, it appears that in the process of updating plots/ finishing scrapping the settlement when you arrive to them, if you have ScrapEverything active, it will sometimes delete objects that shouldn't be deleted.
    Example: The bridge above Finch Farm. So it is recommended to Leave this plug in OFF, unless you REALLY need it, and keep saves to revert if stuff goes wrong while this process is ongoing.<<<<<<<<<

    After that, SAVE, and exit your game.

    NOW, enable all your mods, load your save, and wait 10 IRL minutes , go have a smoke, or whatever..
    just let the engine "settle" all the data and scripts your mod just added to the game, if you can let it sit for longer, good, don't overdo it either though. Try to wait outside (commonwealth world) and in a settlement, not inside interiors.

    (>>If you use MO2, make sure Parsing of archives experimental feature is disabled in the Workarounds section of Settings.)

    You can alternatively enable mods slowly one by one as you go playing but personally I'm lazy and I don't like it this way. should be better if you can do it tho. If you can slowly add your mods in batches of 5 or less in between game sessions, it's going to give the game engine a huge breather, so consider doing it this way , please, but if you really can't bother to do so, just enable them all and wait for a long time on a settlement without doing ANYTHING.

    Once it all settles down, save, run around a bit, if it doesn't cash, good, if it does, I dunno, disable mods, and try from the save you made before enabling mods.

    (3).- The City Manager 2077 Holotape

    *Now, I'm not sure if this is how it works, but this is what I been doing, correct me if this is wrong, but:
    Give yourself the City Manager 2077 holotape , and chose returning user, chose setting of choice, then if
    prompted for graphics select Low/Medium again, open the MCM menu and refer to my screenshots to select the
    settings according to the screenshots, you can turn some of these off or on but I recommend my Screenshot
    Options, the important part is that not all of them are enabled , turn at least half OFF, if you see good
    performance overtime you *might* be able to turn this up again? I haven't tried and I don't know.*

    (4).- Settings Screenshots and the Color Indexing (MCM Settings)

    • Green Circle means the option can be toggled on/ off to your choice
    • Yellow Circle means optional but recommended to use as shown in the picture.
    • Red Circle means the setting is essential to use as is, and its not recommended to toggle back on/off.

    ScreenShot345.png ScreenShot347.png ScreenShot348.png ScreenShot349.png ScreenShot350.png ScreenShot351.png ScreenShot352.png ScreenShot353.png ScreenShot354.png ScreenShot355.png
    (Threads value can and will vary depending on your system, I encourage you to tinker with this but never go too high, also max threads only has functionality if multi threading is set to ON and I have it OFF).

    Continued in the second post.....
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    ...Continuing from where I left from...

    ScreenShot356.png ScreenShot357.png ScreenShot358.png ScreenShot359.png ScreenShot360.png ScreenShot361.png

    (5).- Extra Tips for extra stability:

    *Let the game engine warm up each time you start it up, yes, like an old car, with an old engine, just like this game,give it 2 minutes or 3 to settle down whenever you start it up, if you don't CTD, you're most likely good to go:). (This is only required in the first few hours of the saved game, once you reach a few hours, this is not needed anymore, unless you fail to follow the other recommendations, and keep choking your system.)

    *Don't use any Landscape Overhaul mods, Try to keep world textures vanilla, and use FAR- Far away area reform, the way landscape overhaul mods work, you're loading every single texture in the world twice, Vanilla Textures are still rendered and then modded textures are rendered on top of it, meaning double the resource usage for you just by having it enabled, if your CTD is related to running out of memory, this will help.

    *Keep red rocket always at max minimum.(Beds, water,no building), alternatively, Sanctuary, just don't build too much on BOTH of them and always try to keep one semi empty, to prevent Triangle of Death crashes.
    More information about the Triangle here:
    ( https://simsettlements.com/site/ind...sanctuary-abernathy-farm-and-red-rocket.6964/ )

    *Always keep one settlement (I use red rocket) at minimal building with ONLY the basics and absolutely no more, almost empty use this as your "Save Hub" alternatively, use the settlement that has less strain on your system to save the game and ALWAYS save there. Try to NEVER save on heavy settlements, This is important.

    *If the game starts to stutter while moving, stop moving for a second and let
    the game world load for a second before you tell the game to load more stuff by keeping walkin

    *When travelling to settlements, always watch out for the sim settlements citizen needs
    HUD, and wait for it to properly update the values when you transition between settlements
    before starting to move a lot inside, same when travelling outside, wait for the HUD to disappear

    from the screen before starting to load more stuff (moving around), if the Citizen Needs HUD is still on-screen it means SS has NOT finished its required tasks.

    *Before Conquering settlements, always scout these, and kill any enemies that lure within, this is important, also, stand inside the settlement for about 5 minutes , you might notice stuff will be scrapped automatically around you while you're inside, this is just SS "finishing up" the settlement pre built.

    *When conquering settlements, try to chose less than 10 allies, and turn Soldier Follow to OFF (Can be turned on if you see your game
    is stable enough).

    *When conquering settlements, fast travel away and back in, and give the settlement time to adjust, about 5 minutes, just stand inside the workshop area and idle in there , have a smoke or smth.

    *Don't store crap in the workshop/workbenches (guns,armor,clothes from dead enemies, etc..) let only resources and stuff settlement
    produces be here, seriously, everytime you approach a settlement, its going to scan everything you have there and not only that, if
    you have armor, weapons, etc, it will actually "convert" them temporarily to raw materials (example a clothing item would be turned
    into (4)cloth, and so on) and this happens for every item that is not a raw material, so the more you hoarde, the more strain you put
    in your settlements when approaching them. If you want to hoarde, just make another container , a box, or a safe, thats why they're
    available in the first place.

    *If you start with prebuilts, try to keep your own settlement building to a literal minimal (less than
    500 objects or even less)

    *Start with population at 70% or less and never have more than 20 settlers per settlement, if you end up having too many settlers in one
    settlement, send them to another settlement, if you're on PC and you can't travel to an overpopulated settlement because you keep getting
    CTD, try using the console commands "TCL" and "TAI" and approach the settlement again, then move some settlers to another settlement
    and turn "tcl" and "tai" back ON after you're done.

    *Turn auto-assign OFF, this obviously will have performance impact due to how the workshop script work, the more scripted resources
    you have assigned, the more you choke the papyrus vm, if you want to assign, manually and slowly assign them yourself , making sure
    your settlements are already stable before assigning more.

    *Keep settler assignments low, keep scripted stuff like animation markers, assignable resources, and that kind of stuff, low per settlement. never go nuts on the system , and if you do, save often.

    *When building resources, limit them to satisfy the needs of your current population only, which shuold by default be 20 settlers per settlement and should never be increased beyond, or else you will experience issues. this includes Turrets, Crops, etc. If the resource indicator for any of those is not in red, there is no need to keep placing more.

    *When doing manual upgrades, always limit yourself to upgrading only one or two buildings at a time, give the PapyrusVM a breather.

    *Close any other programs that are running that are not the game (browser, etc)

    *Don't clutter your saves folder, especially with SS saves that are huge in size, if you want to keep saves, move them to another location, the game reads every save each time you make a new save to index all of them, so always keep this folder clean to put less strain on the game while performing this operation.

    (6).- Attached Files:

    - The ENBOOST settings for GTX 970
    - An Nvidia profile inspector Profile that might help

    (7).- Other useful and interesting threads:

    Unlimited Settlers choking the scripts that handle the workshop (thanks bullyrook)

    Are your settlers just standing together in a single spot without moving? Axle has put up a sticky in his mod's comment section about this that might help you find out what is wrong with your workshop scripts (Thanks Axle356258)

    Special Thanks to:
    -Kinggath for creating what I consider to be one of the most amazing mods out there for Fallout 4.
    -RayBo for providing me with useful information, and for his support for this community.
    -bullyrook for linking me to interesting thread
    -uituit for literally being 24/7 tech support :P

    Attached Files:

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